US-dept-of-laborThe Oklahoma Partnership for Home Care wants to make sure it’s members are informed and prepared for upcoming legal changes!

Department of Labor Finalizes New Overtime Rules for Administrative Staff

In 2014, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the Department of Labor (DOL) to change the regulations defining which “white collar” workers are exempt from the Federal Labor Standard Act’s (FLSA’s) minimum wage and overtime (OT) standards. The FLSA’s so-called “white collar exemption” permits employers to not pay OT to certain administrative, executive and professional workers if they earn under the salary threshold amount and if their jobs meet a specified “duties test.” The Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) was one of 270,000 entities that submitted comments to the DOL regarding the proposed rule. Right at Home also voiced their concern about the impact on administrative staff in home care offices during HCAOA’s Congressional Lobby Day.

On May 18, 2016, President Obama and DOL Secretary Perez announced the publication of the DOL’s final rule which expands minimum wage and OT pay and record keeping requirements to include certain executive, administrative and professional employees if their annual salary is less than $47,476 ($913/week). This more than doubles the current $23,660/year ($455/week) salary threshold level. The final rule does not change the duties test.

Specifically, the new rule:

  • Sets the salary threshold for the exemption from OT at the 40th percentile of weekly earnings of full-time salaried workers in the lowest-wage Census Region (currently the South). It is currently$913/week ($47,476/year).
  • Provides that the salary threshold will be automatically adjusted every three years so the dollar amount reflects the 40th percentile of the lowest-wage Census Region. This inflation adjustment will begin in 2020.
  • Allows employers to use non-discretionary bonus and incentive payments (including commissions) to satisfy up to 10 percent of the new salary threshold.
  • Establishes a separate salary threshold for highly compensated employees at the 90th percentile of full-time workers nationally. The 90th percentile currently is $134,004.

If you aren’t prepared, then you need to make the determinations regarding what is best for your company and your staff.  You may need to consult your account or legal counsel.  Failure to abide by these rulings could result huge financial penalties and back wages!  You can be prepared!

Member Agency Highlight- Khalid Bokhari, ComForCare Home Care

KhalidKhalid Bokhari is the owner of ComForCare Home Care. He & Yvonne have two wonderful children, Eloy and Samantha. Through their personal experiences with both of their moms needing Home Care and Hospice, they realized how important it was for someone wanting to stay in their home to be able to do so. 

He and his family recently moved back to their home town of Norman, Oklahoma and they could not be more thankful and happy to be back around family and have opened there own Home Care Agency. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that their team is focused on providing quality care to any individual that needs assistance while maintaining their independence.

Khalid currently serves as a board member of the OPHC.  He is excited to be a part of the OPHC and looks forward to working with the partner agencies to assist Oklahoma Seniors and their families.

Check out his website by clicking the image below!


Member Agency Highlight- Kim Weir, A Better Life Homecare

a better lifeIn 2001, the Bios family was faced with a difficult situation. Linda Myers, our mother of the family owned and operated company, Bios, was suffering with cancer. The illness had progressed to the point that Linda needed significant help at home. This left Lori Hauge, and her sisters to support their mother at home in a loving and dignified way, while balancing the needs of their own LoriStaciaKendyllfamilies and running the family business, Bios. The girls wanted to make sure Linda could stay at home with her beloved dogs and have unlimited access to her ten grandchildren who brought her enormous joy. Over ten years of serving people in a loving, life-affirming way made us realize we needed to bring our services to Seniors and people struggling with illness.

In 2009, we expanded our services, under the leadership of Lori Hauge, to include private duty in-home services through A Better Life Homecare. We understand the key to continuing a rich life is having the support of compassionate and dedicated people to help out at home when the unexpected happens.

kim WeirKim Weir serves as the Program Director for A Better Life Home Care.  Kim came to A Better Life Homecare January 2010.  She began her career in the healthcare field in 1992 as an Employment Training Specialist with Bios Corporation.  Kim moved through the ranks of  Bios becoming the Residential Division Administrator and remained  with them until November 2006.    At that time Kim’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to purchase a flower shop in her home town of Bristow, Oklahoma.  She owned and managed the shop until 2009.   Early in 2010, Kim came to A Better Life Homecare as the Program Manager/Staffing Specialist; becoming the Executive Director in 2012.   Her lifelong passion for serving people came from her early upbringing.  She worked alongside her family in small town businesses.  From this experience she learned the value of friendships, hard work and always valuing others.  Kim is a Licensed Long term Care Administrator, Licensed Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrator and Licensed Home Health Administrator.  She is a member of Oklahoma Partnership for Homecare, Home and Community Based Services Council and Green Country Healthcare Association.

At A Better Life Homecare, we are dedicated to making life as pleasant and rich as possible for our customers and their families. A Better Life Homecare is dedicated to helping people who need support at home to achieve their Life Goals… matter where they are in life. We have ‘been there, done that’ and we know how to do it right!

Monthly Meeting February 11th, 2016


  • Date- February 11th, Noon to 1:15 PM
  • Location- Forest Hills Retirement Community
  • Address- 4300 W Houston St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
  • Topic- “How to Become a Desirable Provider for a Facility
  • Speaker- Becky Treece, Forest Hills Director of Marketing
  • Food- 2 Meat BBQ dinner catered by Trail’s End BBQ


  • Highlighted Agency of the Month- Companion at Home, OKC

Member Agency Highlight- Joe Wolfe of First Call

joe wolfeSince Joe Wolfe and Chris Sanders founded First Call in 1997, their commitment to offering local communities exceptional private duty home healthcare, nursing and healthcare employment, and medical staffing services has remained constant. The procedures used by all of our locations in day-to-day operations are still overseen by Joe and Chris.

Joe and Chris opened our first location in Tulsa, OK, in November 1997. Utilizing their more than 50 years of combined experience, they instituted some of the strictest hiring practices in the industry, resulting in clients receiving exceptional healthcare and customer service. The First Call of Tulsa office remains a leader in the private duty home healthcare and medical staffing industry.

In September 2001, First Call opened its second office in Oklahoma City, OK. Experienced local staff were hired to oversee the First Call of Oklahoma Cityoffice, ensuring the decisions being made had the best interest of the community in mind. This allows for shorter response times and greater flexibility in adapting to our clients’ special needs.

First Call of Springfield opened in May of 2002 and offers to the local community First Call’s commitment to providing exceptional service. The management team in Springfield, MO has grown the office into a top Medical Staffing and Private Duty Home Care agency in the area.

In the spring of 2010, Susan Hogue joined the First Call family and opened First Call of Dallas as the Owner/Administrator alongside Joe Wolfe and Chris Sanders. The office is located at 8010 North Stemmons Freeway and provides companion, sitter, private duty home healthcare, and medical staffing services. Susan continues to further First Call’s commitment to providing exceptional service in the Dallas market.