Process for Notifying State of Oklahoma About Non-Licensed Agencies Operating in Oklahoma

OPHC1It’s frustrating because we know several critical problems with this:

  1. The quality of care and safety of clients is compromised when non-licensed agencies are the provider;
  2. Many of these licensed agencies will operate without the proper insurance or liability coverage, putting themselves, their staff and clients at substantial risk;
  3. These non-licensed agencies also put the entities who refer to them at risk. Hospitals, rehab centers, social workers and discharge planners are all at risk by having the names of these individuals and agencies on their referral lists;
  4. Because these agencies are not in compliance with licensing, they don’t have the costs connected with licensing to deal with, putting them at a financial advantage over licensed agencies. These costs would include licensing fees for both the Administrator and the agency, TB screenings, background checks, workmen’s comp insurance and taxes.


So what steps should we take when we come across one of these people or agencies?

  1. Gather any and all information you can find, including but not limited to:
    • Name of owner/manager/director
    • Location & Phone number
    • Any advertising or social media information
    • Any documentation from a hospital, discharge planner or social worker
  2. Contact David Chennault in the Medical Facilities Division at the State of Oklahoma. His number is 405-271-6576.  He will take it from there.
  3. The Director of the Medical Services Division will send a letter to confront them.
  4. They will then send the information to their legal department for further action.