Technology- Making or Breaking Your Business

    This talk sheet is from a Round Table Session at a monthly meeting of the OPHC.  Feel free to use it to evaluate how technology impacts your company, and how you might be able to best use technology to enhance your services and manage your staff and business!


  • Background Check Software
    1. Oklahoma State Department of Health


  • Scheduling Software
    1. Do you use one? What’s good or bad about it? 
    2. What software would you avoid?


  • Payroll Software
    1. ADP, PayChex or your local CPA… what do you use, and what’s good or bad?


  • Social Media
    1. Facebook- What are your best practices?
    2. Instagram- Reaches a younger demographic… do you use it, and has it seemed to impact your business?
    3. LinkedIn- Do you use it for Networking? Creating closed groups? References?
    4. Scheduling Posts- Hootsuite, Facebook, other software?


  • Veteran’s Administration Billing
    1. Who do you use? Would you recommend it or not? Why?
    2. Did you go through any special training?


  • Hardware
    1. Phones/Tablets- Do you use them in the intake process? 
    2. What apps are you using to keep engaged with your caregivers? Your clients?


  • Phone Systems
    1. Do you have any of the following features on your phone system, and what would you recommend? Voice Mail? Call Forwarding? Remote Access? Hold Music? Recording?


  •  Internet Stuff
    1. Your Website- Is it smartphone friendly?
    2. Great Resources- What websites or resources are helping your business?
    3. Search Engines- How are you doing when it comes to being listed on Google? How high are you?  Do you do Google AdWords?  If so, has it helped you?
    4. Reviews- Do you have a strategy for enlisting people to do online reviews?


  • Caregiver/Staff Management & Training
    1. What websites are you using to train your staff?
    2. What has worked well for communicating with staff through technology?
    3. Do you manage their clock-in/clock-out times with technology? If so, what do software do you use, and how effective is it?


  • Cloud Based Storage & BackUp
    1. Does anyone use, or other cloud info storage sites?


  • General Questions
    1. What are you doing to make sure you are HIPAA compliant where technology is concerned?
    2. How do you leverage Social Media to increase your brand awareness and increase traffic to your website?
    3. Is anyone using an electronic system for records that require a client signature? If so, how did they make the transition from paper to electronic? What would the State expect to see in an audit?
    4. What are your best practices regarding compensation for mileage and travel time using technology?
    5. Has anyone considered allowing caregivers to take pictures of daily notes on their phone, and send them to the office?
    6. Does anyone use software that allows families to access your database? If so, has it been a good thing?