Member Agency Highlight- Kim Weir, A Better Life Homecare

a better lifeIn 2001, the Bios family was faced with a difficult situation. Linda Myers, our mother of the family owned and operated company, Bios, was suffering with cancer. The illness had progressed to the point that Linda needed significant help at home. This left Lori Hauge, and her sisters to support their mother at home in a loving and dignified way, while balancing the needs of their own LoriStaciaKendyllfamilies and running the family business, Bios. The girls wanted to make sure Linda could stay at home with her beloved dogs and have unlimited access to her ten grandchildren who brought her enormous joy. Over ten years of serving people in a loving, life-affirming way made us realize we needed to bring our services to Seniors and people struggling with illness.

In 2009, we expanded our services, under the leadership of Lori Hauge, to include private duty in-home services through A Better Life Homecare. We understand the key to continuing a rich life is having the support of compassionate and dedicated people to help out at home when the unexpected happens.

kim WeirKim Weir serves as the Program Director for A Better Life Home Care.  Kim came to A Better Life Homecare January 2010.  She began her career in the healthcare field in 1992 as an Employment Training Specialist with Bios Corporation.  Kim moved through the ranks of  Bios becoming the Residential Division Administrator and remained  with them until November 2006.    At that time Kim’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to purchase a flower shop in her home town of Bristow, Oklahoma.  She owned and managed the shop until 2009.   Early in 2010, Kim came to A Better Life Homecare as the Program Manager/Staffing Specialist; becoming the Executive Director in 2012.   Her lifelong passion for serving people came from her early upbringing.  She worked alongside her family in small town businesses.  From this experience she learned the value of friendships, hard work and always valuing others.  Kim is a Licensed Long term Care Administrator, Licensed Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrator and Licensed Home Health Administrator.  She is a member of Oklahoma Partnership for Homecare, Home and Community Based Services Council and Green Country Healthcare Association.

At A Better Life Homecare, we are dedicated to making life as pleasant and rich as possible for our customers and their families. A Better Life Homecare is dedicated to helping people who need support at home to achieve their Life Goals… matter where they are in life. We have ‘been there, done that’ and we know how to do it right!